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Unilateral Exercises

Unilateral Exercises are advised if you know you have a muscular imbalance. Most people do! Single arm row


They help work the muscles on each side of your body. If you have a stronger side then those muscles compensate by working harder. Therefore bilateral exercises could make an imbalance worse.


If you have any sort of postural issue then try this unilateral workout – it could help you understand what muscles are stronger/weaker.


Start light and add on weight each session, but listen to your body – stop immediately if you feel pain.


  • With any muscle imbalance, there can be years of over and under compensating
  • Take it easy on your body and start to understand where these imbalances are
  • With time you can start to tailor your program to stretch your tight, strong  muscles and strengthen your weak, loose muscles
  • Muscle imbalances also can cause extra pressure on your joints and bones, so any sign of bone pain, please stop and consult a professional



Warm up for 5 minutes.

Up to 10 minutes is advised if you are new to this sort of exercise, have any issues with joints, blood pressure or are very overweight.


  • march/jog for 5 minutes
  • march then jumping jacks
  • mountain climbers
  • squats and lunges
  • cycle
  • any cardio machine if you’re in the gym
Remember the warm-up is the hardest bit! You are going from a cold body to a warm one and that can be difficult – but keep going!

Do 2 sets of 10 – 15 reps (repetitions) for each exercise.

Then cool down with a walk or march on the spot for 5 minutes. Stretching is helpful too.

  • Walking Lunges or alternate leg lunges
  • Single leg Squats (pistol)
  • Spiderman crawl – forward and back
  • One legged Romanian Deadlift
  • One arm at a time Chest Press
  • Shoulder Press
  • Single arm row
  • Bird Dog


Walking lunges or alternate leg lunges if less room



Single leg squat (pistol)



Spiderman – do this forward and back, pushing off the hands on the reverse


One legged Romanian Deadlift – do the one arm version shown in the video




Chest Press – one arm at a time


Instructions and video for the single arm chest press




Shoulder press – one side at a time



Single Arm row



Bird Dog





This is an example of a workout I put together for a client and by no means should be followed without professional supervision and please check with your doctor before starting any exercise program. Contact me if you’d like to do an online Personal Training session.