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Our First Meeting

My weight loss packages are carefully structured to give you everything you need to make the practical changes to your life.

We’ll have an initial consultation to help me determine your goals and understand your current lifestyle. The Personal Training session will be our second session.

This will include a diet analysis and a food diary. Your personal plan is clearly developed by my expert nutritional knowledge to provide you with all the energy you need whilst helping you to lose any unwanted body fat.

Our Personal Training Sessions

The workout will be challenging but suitable for your current fitness level. I will help you build your strength with a mixture of body weight exercises and hand held weights.  We will also involvesome high intensity interval training. This mixture will get you unbelievable results quickly, but also build and improve your metabolism for the long term.

Each Personal Training workout keeps you constantly challenged with intervals of cardio, strength building, resistance ab & core training moves.

Measuring Your Results

Your personal training program is unique to you and works for your individual needs.
You have to really want to make the changes and believe that you can.
I train with people who want success – you really will reach your goals if you follow our plan.

As part of our initial consultation we will establish your goals. We’ll work out how often and what we will measure. I will fully explain what the measuring entails.  We’ll mark your continuing success in your personal training journal.

Equipment & Clothing

There is no exercise equipment needed as I will provide everything we need – all you need for your personal training session is to be ready!

A towel, water bottle, workout clothing and trainers are all you need to have with you.

Where We Can do a Glasgow Personal Training Session

  • At your home
  • In the park
  • At your local gym (I can approach them to discuss if this is an option)
  • A space at your work
Find out about the areas my Glasgow Personal Trainer Sessions cover.