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Weight Loss Packages

All my exercise plans are designed to achieve your body shape goals – so for fat loss and toning, they are the most effective use of your time. No hours of boring cardio!


Your eating approach is crucial to reach your goals, however we find out what you are willing to change first, as I don’t want to just give you the fastest fat loss plan if its not realistic for your lifestyle.


Here are your options for on or offline personal training for weight loss package:


Once a month face-to-face package
  •  face-to face consultation to set goals, talk about motivation and set your eating plan
  •  go through self exercise session which you carry out 4 times a week
  •  you email me once a week to check in with your food and exercise diary – you also send me your measurements
  •  I visit you once a month to do a personal training session and give you your new exercise/eating plan
Cost: £65 a month – (2-3 months are good for most peoples’ goals)
  •  optional extra face to face personal training sessions are available if you want more help getting motivated
  •  1 session a week is £30, 2 a week £50, 3 a week £66, 4 a week £80


Online package:
  •  follow step-by-step guide to establish your goals, motivation and choose your eating plan – we do this by email
  •  receive your self exercise plan by email
  •  check in once a week by email as above
  •  once a month we review and I send you new plans as required
Cost: £50 a month


How to Book
  • Contact me on
  • I’d love to help everyone! As I am very busy, please email with suggestions for a few times you could be available for your consultation.
  • Or ask any questions you have about the packages.
Alicia x