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About Me

Hi! I’m Alicia Donaldson – a Master Personal Trainer in Glasgow.

Losing 84 pounds of fat in 6 months led to me becoming an expert in the development of personal weight loss and fitness performance programmes.

If you want to reduce body fat quickly, effectively and for the long term – then get in touch. I’m really friendly and am passionate about helping you make a dramatic difference to your life.

As a personal trainer who has been obese, I’m really empathetic and have got a great sense of humour. Sessions are fun, never awkward and will fast track you to health, happiness and that physique that has always alluded you!

Sharing the secrets behind my motivation, techniques, nutritional knowledge and exercises that I used to lose weight – approximately 6 stones of fat in 6 months – you will be slim, trim with your own after pictures in no time.

I balance sensitivity and a no-nonsense approach to help you become fit, healthy, happy and moving through life with grace.


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Qualifications and Experience

  • Certified Master Personal Trainer – European Institute for Fitness – Level 3 REPs registered
  • Certificate in Clinical Exercise and Specific Populations
  • Certificate in Functional Training and Sports
  • Certificate in Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Certificate in Motivation and Lifestyle Coaching
  • Trained for 6 months with Biosignature and Charles Poliquin trained practitioner
  • My previous role was Running Events Manager at Oxfam. I worked with Martin and Liz Yelling to provide our beginner runners with all the motivation and technical knowledge to successfully complete the London Marathon.
  • As Running Events Manager at Oxfam, I motivated hundreds of runners to complete races from 5k’s to ultra-marathons
  • BA Hons Commercial Music – I use my understanding of the motivational effects of music (where appropriate) to help you build intensity for maximum results
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